Sunday, March 09, 2003

This seems such a simple action...

A spontaneous war protest has started in Montreal after
a popular radio host here announced that Mrs. George W
Bush had cancelled a meeting with a group of women at
the White House because several of them planned to
attend the meeting with a white scarf round their
necks as a silent symbol of their desire for peace. This
symbol had power as it disturbed Mrs Bush. This story
has triggered a grassroots email campaign asking those
commited to peace in the world to wear a white scarf.
If everyone who disagreed with the war were to wear a
white scarf around their neck, tie a white hankerchief
to their back-packs, their attache case, their school
bags, white pennants from car anternnas, white flags
on balconies and hanging in front of houses the world
over, would this not be a powerful message to send to
our leaders? Sometimes images and symbols are more
p! owerful than words. If you feel that this idea has
any validity, please join the email campaign and pass
this on to your network. --