Saturday, June 08, 2002

Sixty-two percent of the iguanas on a Galapagos island have died since an oil tanker ran aground in 2001 spilling 800,000 gallons of

GENEVA, Switzerland (Reuters) -- A glacier from which Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay set out to conquer Mount Everest nearly 50 years ago has retreated three miles up the mountain due to global warming, a U.N. body says.

The British Columbia government is considering drilling off of our coast for oil. Please visit this site and send a protest fax.

The clear water project was co-founded by Jewel. It is a humanitarian organization working towards clean sustainable water resources for everyone.

For all you teenagers out there this site is worth checking out. is about being active in your community, getting out there and doing something positive.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

The answer to fossel fueled cars?

Here is another link about the body shop. It was contributed by Ingrid.

Thanks Ingrid :)

65 things that you can do to help save the rainforest.

Do you remember reading Gerald Durrell books as a child? Check out his legacy

Want to know the most endangered species of cat?

Dolphins dead as a result of humans not thinking and not caring about their environment.

Help save Paddington bear.

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

In 1985 I was in a small pacific village with my mother. We had stayed there for a couple of days with a host family. I wasn't there when the explosion happened but I heard it go off. A little boy had found a piece of metal, he tossed it into the family cook fire. That day he lost both of his legs. The piece of metal was some kind of explosive device left over from WWII. Landmines should be done away with. It is bad enough that the world is still littered with unstable explosives from wars before our life time, we don't need more.

Here is a wonderful site about the boycott on esso.

Reasons why Esso needs to be boycotted:

they refuse to accept that burning oil causes global warming

they have spent the last ten years sabotaging international efforts to combat climate change

donated more money than any other oil company to help Bush get into the White House, ensuring he would ditch the Kyoto Treaty. Indeed, Bush's new climate plan which is set to increase US emissions, mirrors Esso's demands.

is the world's most profitable oil company, but refuses to spend any of its billions on renewable energy or green fuels

The above information was taken from

For those of you who have ever wondered why there are so many people who won't eat at McDonald's I really do recomend going to this site they have accumulated a huge amount of info.

Thank-you Ingrid. I found a link with some info on the body shop that I think is worth a read. You can also read this when you are done, it answers the question: Why pick on the Body shop?

By the way I am new at this so if I do get any facts wrong or there is anything you want to bring to my attention by all means do so.

Ethical gimmicks? I think this article proves that if we as consumers decide that we will support ethical brands, we can make a difference. In other words this is a exscuse to go shopping :)

The Europeans are concerned about Genetically modified foods

We do have a inspection panel on genetically modified foods.

What is the government's policy on labelling products of genetic engineering?

There have been three major consultations since 1993 in Canada on the labelling of novel foods derived from genetic engineering.

Based on these consultations, a set of guidelines were developed. They reflect a general consensus to:

require mandatory labelling if there is a health or safety concern, i.e. from allergens or a significant nutrient or compositional change (these decisions will be made by Health Canada)
ensure labelling is understandable, truthful and not misleading
permit voluntary positive labelling on the condition that the claim is not misleading or deceptive and the claim itself is factual
permit voluntary negative labelling on the condition that the claim is not misleading or deceptive and the claim itself is factual.

Bush is so full of hot air

So you want to become a vegetarian?

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Now I am really confused, it says here in this article that the Solomons have decided not to allow waste dumping. I am not entirely convinced that this means the dumping did not or will not occur.

Some more info I found about the waste being dumped in the Solomon Islands.

Next time you stop to refuel your car don't stop at esso

O Canada why on earth would you not want to label genetically engineered foods? Oh right thats because you, the US and Argentina account for 96% of genetic food growth. Hmmm

I don't always agree with Peta's tactics but I think this is a worthy cause, no animal should be kept in a cage at a truckstop

Somthing you will find out about me is that I have the biggest weakness for all things shark.

I like the positive energy vibe

Some of you might be wondering why I have a link to Amnesty International. Well why not?

This lady is very cool.

This is not very surrprising but sad.

Welcome to the newest edition of my blogs. So what the hell is this all about anyway? Well it is about enviormental stuff that interests me. Why start it? Well I went here today because I was looking for information on toxic waste. Why look for info on toxic waste? Because I had just read this and the part about the Taiwanese dumping 3 million tonnes of toxic waste into a tiny developing country made me furious.